after our massive problems in October, things are now running again in a certain way.  Please read the following mail attentively 

As we want to provide a good service we need to take action from time to time.  So please be aware of the following things: 

As there are many users that have registered but have never been active or haven't been active for more than a year we are going to delete these users in the following weeks. 

If you have been active on qashbits in the last 3 months you can ignore this

For all those who haven't been active in the last time but would like to keep their account, we want to ask you to sign in at least once and make one faucet claim.  All users with 0 faucet caims will be the first who will be deleted.

If your account will be deleted you can sign up again.  


you might think, "phh the faucet rewards are too low now" -   well the BTC price increased and it's currently the only way to keep the site running 

Other sites aren't just paying for several days when they are dry, but we want to pay every satoshi that was earned in an honest way. 


many of you are already supporting us by using our links on    THANK YOU!
please keep going like that!  It helps much

To all who don't support us, just try it out :)   Thanks for using qashbits anyway!    


because we want to provide easy withdrawal we cannot tolerate proxy usage or double accounts in any form.  We have a detailed overview of the proxy users and those with multiple accounts. So please stop it.  Otherwise we have no other choice than banning you from the site!   

BOT users will be removed immediately


Some of you have already tried to deposit some coins - we hopefully can add faucet pay deposit feature soon.  Until this will take place you can write us a  mail with your user ID to and the amount and we will provide you a deposit address. 

When receiving the amount it will be credited to your purchase balance!  This may take up to 24 hours 
For this depositing method, minimum deposit is 10000 Sats


When the problems occurred in October It was not possible to withdraw the funds. Because we do not again want that this happens you can withdraw now from one Satoshi with instant payment. ( If the funds may be empty the payment will be done as soon as possible).  

We have been paying every  withdrawal request for more than a year now except those who were obvious bots or cheaters  

But we want to make clear that we ask you to withdraw your funds as often as possible. We are no bank and we do not want to be responsible when sth. happens like that again.  As you now have the chance to withdraw all your funds whenever you want,  we will take no responsibility anymore in case there are problems, and we will not take any action to make research on it. 


We don't say this will happen again, but if it does your funds are safe then. 

For all deposits we will make sure it can be refunded in case upcoming problems

Thanks for using qashbits!

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