If you want to use that cool new faucet which also gives you a 25 % referral commission for every referred user claim you need to create a shielded address,   

GET a shielded address
A shielded address is an address that can send and receive PIVX coins anonymously which is possible with the mobile wallet

1. go to and log in with an existing 12-word seed (not really recommended) or create a new wallet with a new seed in the app, make sure to secure your 12 words wisely! best would be to write them on a paper and memorize them as soon as possible. Like this you have your money in your brain, see example seed below. 

2 create a shield address address , make screenshot of it.  If you lose the address you can't login anymore

3. go to  and sing in with the shield address . 

4 start claiming and invite others with your referral link 


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