hello qashbits users, 

Always when you think finally the problems are done, new problems occur.   It seems that we have been rated as a scam by a bad  user,

This has following bad impact: 

  • Many signup mails aren't sent because the mail providers do not deliver the mails, in this case we will manually confirm the new users as long  as the data is correct and no proxy is used! 
  • We send promo codes from time to time.  To get these you must make sure that your mail provider does not filter the qashbits mails.  Go to the settings in your mail account and add qashbits mails as exception 
  • AVAST Antivir blocks the access for the qashbits site.  In case this happens to you just add qashbits as exception in the Antivirus Programm settings   

If you have any problems  please do not hesitate to contact us here:  or here:  [email protected]

We will  always try so solve them. 


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