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In the following lines I want to explain why  using bots and proxy is harming the whole  faucet business. 

As you might think  running au faucet is fun and  gives a lot in return.  In this case I can tell you:  that was exactly what I was thinking when starting the  faucet sites. But very fast  it was clear that this is not the truth. 

The truth is that a faucetowner has to struggle hard to make a faucet become successful he  has no other choice than banning those users who do not stick to the rules.  He has much work with all the payouts and having to  care that no one steals the coins, 

When user use bots they are cheating: 

>  the advertisers who have paid for displaying the ads but don'T get the views
>  the faucetowner  who loses funds  because adnetworks detect fake traffic and won't pay the faucetowner anymore 
>  all the honest users who  cannot earn anymore because faucets need to close because of having to pay all the users but getting less return. 

I personally do not want to trick or cheat users in any way.  I do not want malware to be installed and NSFW  content to be displayed, because I want those faucet sites to be usable by everyone.   I do not support shortlinks where the money for placed ads is wasted money to my opinion.    Therfor I'm not bothering users  with any of those annoying things and do not overload my sites with ads. 

I want a fair business for everyone: 

> The adverstisers to get their views 
> The clickers to earn their coins
> The faucetowners to make some earnings. 

So I gently ask you and appeal to your reason to be a fair user and  use the faucets without cheating. I do not only speak for myself but also for all the other legit faucet owners. 
For me Crypto is such big change to get rid of all the bad things we have with the current fiat money. So everyone should use it  which helps to create a better world. 
Instead of cheating better  use your mind and your time creating a business, or inviting more users to cryptosites  and earn from the referral earnings. 
Yes I know there are also many bad site owners who do not pay the ref earnings  or ban users with too many referrals.  Thats the same bad behaviour like the cheating through users. As well as user should not cheat on the faucet owner  faucet owner should also be fair and pay their legit users and keep what they promise on their websites.  
Like this user should also not keep supporting bad websites. 

We always try to promote the best websites only,  where you can easily earn some coins! 

What counts is:  spreading crypto  - so show other people the faucet sites, show them how to use crypto!  

Be a good person help to get rid of the power of the banks - instead of cheating on sites endangering the whole faucet scene. 

Thanks for you understanding and cooperation 

best regards from France / Germany  


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